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Professional websites for every business

Uddify builds new generation websites that are lightning-fast, mobile-optimised, and designed to be simple to create and customise, even for those with no web development experience.

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  • No tech skills required

    With Uddify, you don't need to have any technical skills or web development experience to create a website.

    Perfect for small businesses and trades

    Uddify is ideal for small businesses and trades looking to establish their online presence quickly and easily.

    Website live in less than 60 mins

    With Uddify's simple and fast website-building process, your website can be live in under 60 minutes.



Update the website anytime

Uddify's new editor allows easy and real-time updates to your website from anywhere, on any device. Keeping your website up-to-date with your latest content, promotions and examples of recent work.

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  • Simple-to-use website editor accessible from any device

    Uddify's website editor is easy to use and accessible from any device. You can easily update your website from anywhere, at any time.

    Customise text and colours to match your brand

    With Uddify, you can customise your website's text and colours to match your brand. This ensures that your website is consistent with your other branding efforts.

    No limit to images and content you can add

    With Uddify, you can add as many images and as much content as you want to your website. This allows you to showcase your work and services in the best possible light.



Publish your website unlimited times

Publish your new website live in seconds, with Uddify's high-speed and simple publishing process. Easily make changes and updates at any time, keeping your website always up-to-date and easily discoverable by search engines.

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  • See your website update in real-time every time you publish

    Easily see the changes you make to your website in real-time every time you publish. This ensures that you are always up-to-date and can make changes quickly and easily.

    Update then review as often as you wish

    With Uddify, you can update your website as often as you like and review the changes before publishing. This allows you to make sure your website is always looking its best.

    Built-in SEO capabilities, helping you get found

    Uddify has built-in SEO capabilities to help you get found by search engines. This ensures that your website is easily discoverable and can help increase your online visibility.

Lightning Speed

Speed is critical to customers — and SEO

Uddify aims to deliver blazing fast websites built with the editor, while providing you the best-in-class managed SEO defaults.

Edge locations

Global Edge Network

Your site, fast everywhere. Publish content around the world, with just button and update it in within double digit milliseconds.

Website served from the nearest edge-location

Irrespective of the geographical location of a website's visitors, the website will be served from their nearest edge-location. This optimization can result in a faster-loading website experience for all users, no matter where they live.

Images compressed on the fly

Our platform implements image compression for all uploaded images, regardless of size, even if it's 10MB. This functionality is designed to enhance website loading speeds, ultimately benefiting both SEO scores and user experience.